What Is Publish-Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Model
for Automated File Transfer?

Simplified and flexible configuration | Reduced IT overhead costs | Increased IT productivity

Create flexible many-to-many file transfer configurations instead of using brittle point-to-point connections. After publishing a workflow, add (or subscribe) as many partners as needed. Subscribed organizations and endpoints can be modified at any time and workflows automatically adjust.

Pub-Sub Model Use Case

pub sub model use case for automated file transfer includes manufacturer, distributors and financial institutions


A manufacturer uses a complicated set of point-to-point connections to transfer files with financial institutions and its distributors. The IT team is often the last to know about file transfer issues and has to dig through code to find the problem.


The manufacturer chooses Thru, our cloud managed file transfer (MFT) solution, to automate file transfers with its partners. It creates two workflows: one to transfer files with the financial institutions, and one to transfer files with its distributors. The IT team creates workflows, adds partners and troubleshoots issues in minutes in the no-code interface.


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