The Benefits of File Transfer Automation


What would happen if the world went without automation for a year?

Manufacturing would slow down considerably. Businesses would become less efficient because automated workflows, emails and tasks would come to a halt. Food production would decrease as autonomous tractors collected dust.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much automation can improve efficiency and reduce mistakes. If your IT team uses scripts to automate file transfers and doesn’t have visibility into file deliveries, a managed file transfer (MFT) solution can help. An MFT solution provides one place for your IT team to configure and manage file transfers without coding.

5 Benefits of File Transfer Automation Software

Following are the top five benefits of file transfer automation software:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. It’s easy for anyone to learn to use an MFT solution because it typically has a no-code interface. It only takes minutes to make a workflow and endpoints are reusable across different workflows.

    Add as many organizations as you want to each workflow and change endpoints at any time without disrupting the workflow.

  3. Reduces Errors
  4. Using scripts to automate file transfers can be risky. What if the employee who wrote them leaves the company and the scripts stop working? Or what if a modification makes them stop working and you can’t figure out how to fix it?

    If your IT team is trained on and using an MFT solution to configure file transfers, these problems are eliminated. If you run into issues, the user documentation and support team will get you up and running in no time.

  5. Simplifies Transfers with Integration Platforms
  6. Connectors for integration platforms (iPaaS) add guaranteed delivery, persistence and unlimited file size to iPaaS transfers without any effort from your team. By using APIs, you can build connectors to other business applications to further simplify business processes.

  7. Increases Visibility and Control of File Transfers
  8. Quickly know whether and when files were delivered with a dashboard. You can also set user permissions and view user actions easily. Automatic text and email alerts always keep you in the loop.

  9. Reduces Costs
  10. With an MFT solution, your IT team can create file transfer connections and troubleshoot faster, which reduces overhead.

Customer Success from Automated MFT

Here are our customers’ results after switching to Thru’s automated file transfer service:

File Transfer Automation Software Use Case

A common use case for automated file transfer is to take files from global point-of-sale (POS) systems at retail locations and pull them into corporate analytics platforms. An example of how Thru is being used to automate file transfers can be seen in Crocs.

It used to take Crocs’ IT team between 2 and 4 hours to code, configure, test and deploy one file transfer connection. This wasn’t acceptable because they received new file transfer connection requests often. Crocs was exchanging hundreds of files with its employees, customers and partners every day. The IT team needed something more efficient.

As frustration with the legacy file transfer solution grew, the IT team was tasked with moving most of its infrastructure from on-premises to cloud. They wanted to find a cloud MFT solution and picked Thru because we were willing to work with them to design a customized solution.

benefit of automated file transfer is faster connections between retail store pos and headquarters

Now that they are using Thru, the IT team responds much faster to new file transfer connection requests. They can set one up in 30 minutes instead of 4 hours, which improves business agility and lowers IT overhead costs.

Continue reading about how Crocs automates global file transfers using Thru >>

Your Most Valuable Resource

Crocs’ IT team realized their most valuable resource is their time. By selecting an automated file transfer solution that is easier to use and fits with their overall cloud strategy, the IT team is more productive.

Visit our file transfer automation page to learn how Thru helps your IT team get their time back.


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