Customer Success Story:
Synopsys seamlessly delivers software products and projects to customers

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Customer Size
5000 – 10,000 employees

Country or Region
United States


Customer Profile
Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group is a leading developer of optical design and analysis tools.

Business Situation
Needed a software delivery solution to send large software builds and patches to partners and customers around the globe.

Synopsys chose the Thru Platform to deliver software globally.


  • Software deliveries are now completed in a fraction of the time
  • Improved satisfaction from customers and partners
  • Increased productivity for IT administrators with Thru’s auditing and tracking tools

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Sam Kurutz
Systems Information Technology Engineer
Optical Solutions Group

Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group is the leading supplier of imaging and illumination design/analysis software, such as CODE V®, LightTools®, LucidShape® and RSoft™ products. Its Engineering Services group provides imaginative, cost-effective solutions across the entire spectrum of optical design, with more than 4,800 completed projects since the company was founded in 1963. Synopsys has customers in more than 25 countries.


As a leading supplier of optical imaging software, Synopsys regularly sends software builds and patches to its partners and customers around the globe. The two major challenges the company faced were speed and data transfer reliability. Global software deliveries would take hours and sometimes timed out during the upload. Even when uploads were completed, the data received was sometimes corrupted. Finding these problems unacceptable, Synopsys began to look for a solution.


Synopsys chose Thru to deliver software globally. Thru’s platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce to allow files or folders of any size to be securely sent with no special training or assistance required from the IT staff. Files are easily downloaded by the recipient, yet remain secure.

Since files and folders can be stored securely in the Thru Cloud, all users can securely and easily access files from anywhere at any time. Management is also greatly simplified, since the administrator has the ability to effortlessly set or modify who has access to different files, as well as to track and audit information on who has received what files.

Thru enables companies to store software on strategically located servers around the globe using a simple but powerful set of tools for management, distribution and tracking of all uploads/downloads. Customers downloading software are automatically directed to the server closest to them, dramatically increasing delivery speed around the world.


Since choosing Thru for its electronic software delivery (ESD), Synopsys has been extremely pleased with the results. Software deliveries around the world are now completed in a fraction of the time, uploads never time out and files arrive uncorrupted. Customers and partners who had adapted to the former process are now pleasantly surprised at the reliability, speed and ease-of-use of downloading using Thru. Administrators at Synopsys are also grateful for the ease of retrieving and analyzing detailed logs of data workflow, resulting in increased business productivity and security. Since employing Thru, Synopsys administrators can rest peacefully at night as its customers around the world download multi-gigabyte files.

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