Customer Success Story:
Vocera deploys Thru for electronic software delivery and FTP alternative

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Customer Size
600+ employees

Country or Region
United States

IT and Services

Customer Profile
Vocera provides integrated, intelligent communication software solutions to instantly connect people in mobile, mission-critical environments.

Business Situation
Needed a file transfer solution to eliminate slow physical shipments and improve customer support.

Vocera uses Thru to instantly exchange large software files with its customers.


  • Implemented custom integration with Salesforce within only a few weeks
  • Saves time and resources by sending software electronically
  • Increased security and efficiency for customer support file exchanges by using Thru Dropbox™

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“Thru is the perfect resource to allow us secure transmission of approved software and knowledge article files with our customers. By integrating with our Salesforce instance we were able to automate the link creation and sharing, while maintaining reporting and security. An optimization win for Vocera and our customers!”

Ron Gajadhar
Director, Technical Support Operations

Installed in over 2,100 enterprises worldwide, Vocera Communications offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services to improve communication and workflow, enabling mobile workers to securely and instantly connect with the right person, group or information. Vocera provides integrated, intelligent communication solutions to instantly connect people in mobile, mission-critical environments: healthcare, hospitality, energy, education and more.


Vocera found its method of mailing physical software updates to customers to be lacking: Distributing through CDs and DVDs was cumbersome. The search began for a single file transfer solution that would solve the following issues:

  • Slow delivery of software updates due to sending physical copies by mail.
  • Customer databases and log files too large for standard email attachments.
  • CRM solution not integrated with a file transfer solution.


Vocera had been sending its software solutions by physical media and realized it was lacking in speed and convenience for customers. They found the right software delivery solution with Thru and gained additional features they needed such as CRM integration.

  • Thru API and Rapid Integration – In only two weeks, Vocera completed a custom API integration with Salesforce that was tailored to its business needs and maximized the value of its current infrastructure.
  • Ease of Use – Internally, Vocera found that Thru enables it to deliver large software data significantly more efficiently and reliably than its previous methods of FTP and mailing CDs.
  • Customers “Love the new software delivery method” according to company surveys – Customers easily download software without hassle or wait time.
  • Customer Support for ISVs – Vocera’s customer support team uses Thru Dropbox™, enabling them to receive files or folders of any size from customers and external senders.
  • Greatly Improved Security Posture – Thru addresses security issues by encrypting transfers, scanning for viruses on every file uploaded, as well as enabling reporting and auditing of every transaction on a file.


Vocera chose Thru to solve its software delivery and file transfer problem. Since deployment of Thru, Vocera has experienced several benefits:

  • Saving Time and Resources – Ability to deliver software instantly through the cloud as opposed to mailing physical media resulting in savings for both Vocera and customers.
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction – Customer support uses Thru Dropbox™ to securely receive large customer databases and log files.
  • Greater Administrative Control of Company Assets – Enables revenue recognition and reporting, tracking and auditing of every transaction on a file.

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