Customer Success Story:
Liquibase securely delivers software to Fortune 25 customers

Customer Size
11-50 employees

Country or Region
United States

Computer Software

Customer Profile
Liquibase (fka Datical) enhances, extends and fully supports proven open source projects for use in enterprise environments.

Business Situation
Needed a secure software delivery platform that meets the requirements of its Fortune 25 customers.

Liquibase uses a secure portal in the Thru Cloud where customers quickly download software deliveries from any global location.


  • Met the security requirements of the Fortune 25
  • IT enjoys full control and visibility of software transactions
  • Increased speed and efficiency of software delivery
  • Virtually eliminated file transfer support calls

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Robert Reeves
Chief Technology Officer

Liquibase’s (formerly known as Datical) flagship product automates the deployment of database schema updates for large enterprises that struggle with the constant state of application change across complex environments. Based upon the Liquibase open source project, Liquibase DB manages the database schema lifecycle for people who develop, deploy and maintain applications. Liquibase is privately held with headquarters in Austin, Texas.


A provider of database management software to Fortune 25 companies, with an emphasis in financial services, Liquibase must ensure that its software delivery system complies with the security demands of these enterprises. Because its customers do not allow employees to use basic cloud storage solutions to receive files, Liquibase had no option but to find a secure software delivery platform that satisfies stringent security requirements.

Liquibase attempted to send its software solutions and updates via Dropbox, Inc., or Google Drive, but to no avail. Its customers required a secure file sharing portal specifically for their use, so that no security breaches would occur. Liquibase even offered to “FedEx its software” by sending USB drives and DVDs only to find these methods were also forbidden by its Fortune 25 customers.


Thru was the only solution Liquibase found that could do exactly what its customers required. Liquibase quickly implemented Thru, enabling enterprise employees to securely download software deliveries faster than ever. Using the Thru Cloud, Liquibase set up a secure delivery portal where software could be sent with the following capabilities:

  • Access global data centers where software files could be mirrored for rapid downloads worldwide.
  • Enable revenue recognition with Thru’s ability to perform an audit of all transactions.
  • Securely receive damaged databases from customers and easily distribute software patches and builds.

Robert Reeves
Chief Technology Officer


Now that Thru is Liquibase’s primary electronic software delivery platform, the company is experiencing benefits that were not possible with other file transfer solutions. The company can now satisfy the most stringent security requirements its Fortune 25 customers demand plus exchange any size file worry-free. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased security for software deliveries and file exchanges with external customers and partners.
  • Software deliveries are faster and efficient.
  • IT enjoys full control and visibility of all software transactions.
  • All data in transit and at rest is completely out of reach from unauthorized users.
  • Large file transactions run smoothly with virtually no calls made to Thru support.

Robert Reeves
Chief Technology Officer

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