How to Transfer Files from Workday to SAP with Cloud MFT


You need to transfer files from your Workday instance in the cloud to your SAP instance hosted in another cloud. Today, we show how our cloud managed file transfer (MFT) solution transfers files between two cloud applications: Workday and SAP.

Use Case: File Transfer Between Workday and SAP

A manufacturer wants to send files between two cloud applications: Workday, an HR platform, and SAP, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These files contain payroll information and are typically in an XML or CSV format. The manufacturer wants to use SFTP client endpoints for both systems.

How to Set Up Cloud-to-Cloud File Transfer in Thru

Thru is a cloud-based managed file transfer service (MFTaaS) that can act as an SFTP server to allow SFTP clients to push or pull files. Thru can also act a SFTP client by pulling or pushing files to SFTP servers. In this use case, our customer has a requirement to exchange files between two applications that are deployed in the cloud. Both applications (Workday and SAP) have SFTP client interfaces. Workday is sending files to SAP on a daily schedule.

In Thru, the user would do the following to integrate the two applications:

First, the user creates two organizations in Thru to represent the participants in a file exchange process. Once that is set up, the user creates a Flow, which is the workflow that the organizations will subscribe to. For each organization, the user will create an SFTP client endpoint. Organization 1 will represent Workday and Organization 2 will represent SAP.

Because Thru is acting as the SFTP server in this file exchange, the participating endpoints will need to connect to Thru server. This is done in Thru’s graphical user interface (GUI). The final step is to specify the folder path for the source endpoint (Workday) and for the target endpoint (SAP).

The file transfer process will look something like this:

how to set up cloud to cloud file transfer in thru managed file transfer mft

Once this is set up, the files will be transferred automatically. Files transferred in Thru are stored until delivery. After they are delivered, they can be purged or even archived to another endpoint. If for any reason the files are not collected from Workday and/or not delivered to SAP, Thru will generate an alert to inform the participants of the status.

The Process of a Cloud-to-Cloud File Transfer

  1. Workday generates payroll files.
  2. Those files are dropped into the source SFTP client endpoint.
  3. The source SFTP client endpoint pushes them to Thru. In this case, Thru is acting as a server.
  4. The target SFTP client pulls the files from Thru.
  5. The files land in SAP.

how to transfer files from Workday to SAP with cloud managed file transfer mft

The manufacturer can also transfer files from Workday to its external partners’ SAP systems. It would use a one-to-many flow and create SFTP client endpoints for each partner.

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