How to Integrate AS/400 with Cloud MFT


Today, we present how our cloud managed file transfer (MFT) solution connects to on-premises systems like the IBM AS/400 computer system, now known as the IBM Power Systems. Although the AS/400 was launched in 1988, companies continue to use these midrange computers for mission critical systems in industries that depend on reliability and stability.

The Challenge of Connecting AS/400 to Cloud MFT

A large manufacturing enterprise has legacy on-premises systems and a private cloud with other applications. It uses AS/400 architecture because of its performance and reliability. Each day, the enterprise sends files from its AS/400 legacy systems to its private cloud applications.

The Solution for Integrating AS/400 to Cloud MFT

AS400 legacy system windows linux server uses mft agent to transfer files to cloud managed file transfer

  1. The enterprise puts a Windows or Linux server between Thru and the AS/400 system.
  2. The Thru Node, our MFT agent, is installed on the server and is orchestrated from the cloud.
  3. The node takes files from the server on a schedule, and then drops them off to Thru.
  4. The cloud applications connect to Thru over APIs or an SFTP server to receive the files.

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