Replace Legacy File Transfer with
Cloud MFT

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Cloud Economics

Managed file transfer platform as a service (MFTPaaS) is designed for the cloud and is the fastest growing category of MFT software. Think strategically and modernize your organization by adopting the cloud as part of your data integration strategy. Thru is a cloud-native MFT that replaces legacy file transfer technologies and offers the benefits of true cloud economics:

  • Get MFT service as a subscription.
  • Pay as you go based on number and type of file transfer transactions.
  • Get service started instantly with zero or minimal deployment footprint and cost.
  • Shift from a capital expenditure (capex) to an operating expenditure (opex) funding model for MFT service.
  • Eliminate infrastructure and operation costs.
  • Reduce maintenance and support costs and risks due to automated feature delivery, 24/7 support service and 99.99% uptime.

Elastic Scalability

Thru is a cloud-native application and service which is designed to run on major cloud providers. It utilizes native cloud platform technologies such as tiered cloud database services, cloud storage subscriptions and virtual networking. All components of Thru’s hybrid architecture scale out as needed for the load and are designed with elasticity. Resources required to transfer or process the file-based data are allocated or deallocated dynamically as needed.

Unlike with legacy MFT software, organizations do not have to plan MFT service capacity. Thru handles the workload according to subscription and under a 99.99% SLA.


Organizations use different cloud providers and large organizations sometimes manage multiple cloud environments. Thru is a multicloud service which runs on all major cloud providers. We offer multi-tenant and private cloud options in Thru’s cloud infrastructure or in your cloud infrastructure. When running in our cloud, customers benefit from our defense-in-depth security model for file access and transfer which includes

  • end-to-end encryption for data in transfer and at rest
  • authentication and authorization
  • multiple layers of security in service infrastructure and application components

Within any cloud option, Thru offers a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline which orchestrates automated deployment of software updates to development, test or production environments.

MFT Now Aligns with Crocs’ Strategy

“We have an enterprise plan where we are moving towards a hybrid cloud strategy. We knew we didn’t want the overhead of running this solution on-premises, to alleviate things like patching and upgrading infrastructure.”

Mark Meister
VP of Global Logistics & Integration Technology

Crocs logo

By switching to Thru, Crocs is more aligned with its hybrid cloud strategy and can auto-scale easily.

Changing the way your company does file transfers can be daunting,
but we’re here to help.

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