MFT and iPaaS: An Integrated B2B Data Exchange Solution


This year has been a whirlwind of change for companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic but it hasn’t stopped many enterprises from pushing forward with innovative digital transformation projects. In the various discussions I’ve had with enterprise IT leaders I have found that many companies are still innovating business processes by migrating critical applications to the cloud and modernizing integrations.

As IT leaders continually add multiple cloud technologies to their application portfolios for transformation projects, many are migrating integrations of these systems away from legacy ESB technologies to cloud-based iPaaS platforms that provide seamless integration between disparate cloud and on-premises systems.

A critical component of technology infrastructure I’ve seen companies migrating to iPaaS are B2B data exchange systems that enable data exchange integration with business partners. The two most common classes of data exchange being orchestrated from iPaaS are electronic data interchange (EDI) and managed file transfer (MFT) systems.

Uniting EDI and MFT for an Integrated B2B Solution in iPaaS

An example of this new trend is an energy company that uses Thru with a leading iPaaS solution to exchange large data sets between its partners, field operations and internal departments. The company generates and processes large amounts of data daily (e.g. 3D seismic images, well data, production reports, geophysical information) and needed a solution to handle large file sizes and guarantee the delivery of this critical data between all of its systems to streamline file transfer operations. The company migrated to a modern, cloud-based data exchange architecture using an iPaaS and API-centric MFT solution to orchestrate the flow of data via APIs and consolidate file exchange management.

Data Exchange Solution with iPaaS and Managed File Transfer (MFT)

To learn more about how companies are building a comprehensive B2B data exchange solution with iPaaS and API-centric MFT, read the latest white paper, Maintaining Hybrid Integration Platform Agility:

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