secure file transfer Thru Dropbox™

Share with Confidence

Enable business users to confidently exchange files with users outside their organization – no matter how confidential the data.

  • Ensure secure two-way collaboration with encrypted messaging and full virus scanning
  • Protect sent files with password authentication and custom expiration
  • Monitor activity with full visibility by tracking records of time, IP address, and audits of all interactions

Simplify File Sharing

Simplify sharing large files for you and your customers and partners.

  • Eliminate time-consuming training sessions with intuitive user interfaces
  • Keep file exchange running smoothly with no file size limits
  • Place Thru Dropbox™ links in email signatures and anywhere on your company’s web site
Thru Dropbox™ file sharing
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Thru Dropbox™ for business

Share without Boundaries

Extend file sharing to your customers and partners seamlessly and securely.

  • Protect your data with antivirus scanning of all uploads and transfers
  • Maximize successful file uploads through checkpoint restart
  • Enable multiple upload protocols: Browser, Java, HTML5, and ActiveX

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