Secure File Transfer with iOS 7

On September 18, 2013, Apple released iOS 7, the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad. The operating system is available on both new and older devices, so iPhone and iPad owners are now trying out the new features available with Apple’s sleek redesigned platform that were absent in previous versions. Apple delivered a streamlined, minimalist design. “Conspicuous ornamentation has been stripped away. Unnecessary bars and buttons have been removed,” Apple writes on its website. “And in taking away design elements that don’t add value, suddenly there’s greater focus on what matters most: your content.”

Beyond the redesign, iOS 7 also boasts new features and functionality like configuring per app VPN, new MDM configuration options, and enterprise single sign on. These features affect both devices owned and managed by the enterprise and devices owned by employees of companies with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile policies.

Today, Thru is also releasing a new app for iPhone and iPad with optimization for iOS 7 to enable employees to use their mobile devices to securely access and send corporate documents from home or the field. The new Thru app for iPhone and iPad has been redesigned with a sleek, user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality to improve secure file transfer and access to files for employees on the go.

iOS 7 Combined with Thru Security

As the BYOD workforce grows, so does the need to lock down file transfer from mobile devices. Thru Enterprise Mobility gives Administrators complete control over data on company and employee-owned mobile devices. Administrators can quickly revoke access to data, assuring security of sensitive files even if a phone is lost or stolen. Administrators can also disable “Open In” functionality, allowing users to open files only inside the Thru application and not in possible unsecure third-party applications. Administrators have granular control, while business users gain access to files, enabling business.

Thru iOS App version 3.0 for iPhone and iPad is available now.  Thru apps for iPhone and iPad are free, and Thru users will benefit from the added functionality of iOS 7 and the enhanced functionality and proven security features Thru provides.

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