How Fast? Thru Fast. Crocs Accelerates Agility, Scale and Efficiency with Cloud MFT


Innovative footwear company Crocs has never been afraid of breaking norms. The company took the fashion world by surprise in the mid-2000s with their iconic “Classic Clog” and is turning heads yet again with their popular co-branded celebrity collaborations such as the Post Malone edition (sold-out in minutes) and the unique Kentucky Fried Chicken design to release this spring.

Crocs isn’t just innovating in the fashion space; the company is also breaking norms when it comes to the supply chain technologies running its rapidly growing global business.

Modernizing File Transfer to Improve Business Agility

A 2018 report from Accenture interviewing 900 Chief Supply Chain Officers found that “more than 70% of Chief Supply Chain Officers believe by 2020, the supply chain will be a key driver of better customer service for their organizations.”

Crocs’ ecommerce business has flourished with record-breaking online sales and the company has invested heavily into its technology infrastructure to increase agility and operational efficiency across the digital supply chain. As part of its ongoing digital transformation strategy and in an effort to improve file transfer processes between Crocs’ internal lines of business and supply chain partners, Crocs decided its on-premises file transfer infrastructure was an ideal candidate to modernize with an agile cloud solution.

After strenuous evaluation, Thru was selected as Crocs’ preferred cloud managed file transfer (MFT) solution. Deployed in less than one month, Thru now empowers Crocs to automate thousands of file transfers per month across its various partners and lines of business such as third-party footwear retailers, finance, suppliers, human resources and its own global retail stores.

The diagram below illustrates how Crocs uses Thru to manage multiple file transfer processes consisting of numerous organizations and endpoints such as SAP, SFTP servers and clients and VANs. Using Thru as a single platform for automated file transfers has increased efficiency for Crocs by providing “no-code” workflow creation and end-to-end tracking and reporting of transactions.

Diagram of how Crocs Automates 20,000+ file transfers in a hybrid cloud

“Using Thru as a unified solution for file transfer we were able to greatly improve the agility, scale and efficiency of our integrations for critical business processes in less than a month,” said Mark Meister, Vice President Global Logistics & Integration Technology at Crocs.

To read the full story of why Crocs selected Thru to modernize its file transfer infrastructure and the resulting business benefits, read the case study:



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