Exciting iPaaS Trends Revealed at Boomi World


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This month Thru sponsored Boomi World 2019 in Washington, D.C. It was a valuable opportunity to hear Boomi leadership and customers give their perspectives on the latest trends in the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) space. Thru was on-site meeting with innovative companies, discussing their file transfer challenges and demonstrating the new Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) Connector for Boomi and how it simplifies B2B file transfers within integration processes.

There was so much valuable information and insight presented, I wanted to share a few highlights:

1. Use of the Boomi Platform is Growing Dramatically

The event kicked-off with a keynote from Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi, who presented some impressive stats such as Boomi’s growth to 9,000 customers, 580 partners and presence in 80 countries. According to a keynote analysis of Boomi World by SiliconANGLE Media’s theCUBE, Boomi is “the next rising star within the Dell Technologies portfolio” due to its proven ability to accelerate business outcomes, such as faster project implementation, and unify data across all enterprise systems.

2. Boomi Helping Companies Meet Data Privacy Regulations

Boomi’s CTO, Michael Morton, announced that Boomi is adding richer data insights to the platform to help companies make more informed business decisions. One of the biggest benefits will be that companies can track the personally identifiable information (PII) flowing from application to application in Boomi processes. This will assist compliance officers in generating reports to prove compliance with data privacy mandates such as GDPR.

3. Boomi and Accenture Innovate User Experiences with Conversational AI

Laetitia Cailleteau, Accenture’s global lead for Conversational AI, demonstrated how Boomi and Accenture are partnering to make AI-powered, multi-lingual voice interfaces available to Boomi customers. Accenture will focus on creating front-end AI interfaces while Boomi will innovate the integration of these interfaces with enterprise systems to enable powerful personalized experiences.

4. Boomi is Accelerating Business Outcomes for Leading Organizations

“Accelerated business outcomes” was one of the most common benefits stated by Boomi customers at the event. One of the strongest examples was presented by Kenny Oxler, CIO of The American Cancer Society (ACS). He shared how Boomi is directly helping them improve the lives of patients every day by being the data integration hub of many of its important patient and volunteer systems. One critical application Boomi helps with is a ride-sharing mobile app that provides patients with transportation to treatments.

5. Modernization of B2B/EDI Integration Needed

At the Thru booth, we met with technology leaders from a variety of verticals (consumer goods, retail, logistics, health, education, financial services) and each expressed a pressing need to improve their B2B file transfer processes. Some of the top needs we discussed include:

  • Optimize onboarding and management of partners/customers
  • Improve troubleshooting, monitoring and control
  • Reduce point-to-point connections
  • Move away from heavy on-premises infrastructure

Thru demonstrated how companies can modernize B2B file transfer in business processes that require high volume file exchanges with the new Thru MFT Connector for Boomi! There was significant interest in Thru’s ability to instantly connect multiple file transfer endpoints to a Boomi process (with no coding required) and the ability to monitor and report all activities in Thru’s end-to-end auditing dashboard. Attendees who manage supply chain technologies were excited to see how the Thru + Boomi cloud-based solution is ideal for replacing electronic data interchange (EDI) VAN systems. The Thru + Boomi solution replaces time-consuming point-to-point connectivity with fast onboarding, Boomi file transformation and API-integrated tracking across lines of business.

Thru Featured in Boomi October 2019 Highlights

One of the highlights of Boomi World was the announcement of “The Boomiverse,” a new interactive online community that provides support and training tools for mastering Boomi’s products. Thru is excited to be featured in The Boomiverse blog this month as part of the October 2019 Release Highlights!

Interested to learn more about Thru’s integration with Boomi? Read the Thru MFT Connector for Boomi datasheet today!

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