File Access Auditing in a Cloud File Sharing Service


File Server Auditing with Thru Cloud Based File Sharing for Business
Is your company looking for a way to create an audit trail of all of your file activities (e.g. Shares, access, deletions, uploads)? If you are in IT, you know full well that the large number of applications and services used at your company for transferring and working on files make it nearly impossible to track every single file activity, which is a big problem since this is a typical requirement for meeting most compliance and data security requirements. Also, as your company continues to adopt new solutions that handle your sensitive information online, IT needs to be able to have an audit trail of these activities to know exactly who is touching your company’s information.

In this post, I am going to show you how the Thru cloud-based file sharing platform can help your business keep a track of all of your file activities and give you the ability to report on any internal and external activity taking place to corporate information.

Auditing Ad Hoc and B2B File Transfers: A Challenge for Corporate IT

First off, I want to explain the two types of file transactions that typically take place in companies and how Thru can help you track each of these transactions. The two types of file transactions that are happening in your company are called: Ad-Hoc (person to person) and B2B (machine to machine).

Ad hoc transactions are the activities that your users are making directly to files to collaborate and share information such as manually transferring files to a customer, uploading a new document version to the cloud or downloading company files to their desktop or mobile devices. These transactions are typically made via solutions like email, business applications, mobile apps, and document editing software. The reason it’s a challenge to track these transactions is because users may be using several different business and personal applications so there is not a single system that is tracking each of these transactions simultaneously.

B2B transactions are the activities made to company information by systems and not by humans. An example of this can be an automated script between two different SFTP systems that constantly push and pull information autonomously based on set rules and schedules. These types of transactions are particularly difficult to track because of the various transfer protocols being used and most systems do not have logging capabilities to audit this information.

The best solution for auditing file activities should be able to easily track both your ad-hoc and B2B file transactions together to give you greater insights into what’s happening with your company information and also know what is being used the most by your internal and external users.

Auditing File Access and Sharing Activities

With Thru, you can easily track all of your ad-hoc and B2B file transactions on a single platform in the cloud via the powerful Thru Audit feature that can be accessed by any of your company IT administrators. You may be wondering, “How is Thru able to track both file transfers made by machines and also from end users?” This is because Thru easily integrates with your existing email and business applications and also file servers like FTPS, SFTP and Amazon S3. Thru’s out-of-the-box integrations for applications such as Outlook and Salesforce enable your users to send files of any size and all of the activities are recorded in the Thru Audit. Also, the Thru Managed File Transfer as a Service solution set allows you to automate all of your file transfers between storage repositories (e.g. FTPS, SFTP, Amazon S3) and keep and audit of all of these transactions. The audit logs can also be compiled into different reports and filtered by users, groups, application used, date and time, and more.

Audit All File Transaction Activities

Audit all file transactions such as Access, Uploads, Downloads, Messages, and Storage Usage. Below you can see what the Thru Audit feature looks like for keeping track of transaction history and usage stats:

Thru's audit view table with user activity time stamps

Thru's audit view showing secure message count in a bar graph with linear trend line

Thru's audit view of file count summary in pie chart


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