Send Large Files Quickly

Transfer Extremely Large Files

IT can easily get swamped with support tickets when employees aren’t able to transfer large files (over 1GB) between departments, customers and partners. The Thru Platform brings a sigh of relief to IT managers by providing a single platform for any large file transfer need. Our platform removes limitations imposed by CRMs and FTP, allowing secure file exchanges between businesses and their global clients and partners.

Use our large file transfer service to optimize email server performance and easily send large files from existing applications.

Transfer files of any size quickly - no file size limits

Quickly and easily send files without size limitation, data storage or bandwidth issues from anywhere

integrate to existing business processes and systems

Integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce and IBM Notes

Send files quickly globally

Use Thru API calls to add file exchange and collaboration functionality to third party and proprietary applications

Remove uncertainty about when and by whom files have been accessed by tracking and monitoring all transactions and activities.

Monitor activity with full visibility by tracking records

Audit and report activities such as uploads, downloads and transfers based on user, application used, date of transaction and more

Manage access to files and folders

Manage access to files and folders by applying expiration rules for sent files


Integrate with Active Directory and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Let customers and partners send you large files via Thru Dropbox™, a secure file system with antivirus scanning and encryption.

receive files from anyone without creating accounts

Share a link to your Thru Dropbox™ in email signatures and websites to receive files from anyone without creating accounts

Audit and report

Audit and report the time, email and IP address of every upload

multiple upload methods: Java, ActiveX and HTML 5

Maximize successful uploads through checkpoint restart and multiple upload methods: Java, ActiveX and HTML 5

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