Thru MFT Connector for Dell Boomi

Connect instantly — Scalable, cloud-native file transfer to Dell Boomi

The partnership of Dell Boomi and the Thru MFTaaS platform provides a no-code solution for managing file exchange processes across the application ecosystem

The Thru MFT Connector for Boomi offloads system-to-system file exchange to Thru’s MFTaaS where file transfers can be easily scheduled, secured, tracked and controlled. Developers can instantly add Thru MFTaaS flows to Boomi processes using simple “get” and “push” operations. No coding or scripting required!

Separate File Transfers from Dell Boomi Processing

Rapidly onboard hundreds of trading partner and internal lines of business file transfer flows from Thru MFTaaS to Boomi processes with no-code, self-service management. All endpoint configuration is managed in Thru via web portals, enabling Boomi developers to focus on core business tasks rather than maintaining connections.

Connect the Extended Enterprise Instantly

All Boomi file exchanges using the connector are guaranteed to be delivered and meet SLAs via Thru features such as error handling, persistent cloud storage, alerts and fault tolerance. Thru’s connector is ideal for critical Boomi processes that demand the highest level of uptime.

Dell Boomi partners with Thru for critical data delivery

Why Choose Thru

Loosely Coupled

Make endpoint changes in Thru without interrupting processes in Boomi — allowing for fast, agile updates


Meet compliance requirements for endpoints via encryption, antivirus scanning and routine system penetration testing

Track and report all actions

Track all files transferred with the Thru MFT Connector for Boomi and view in end-to-end Thru dashboards


Thru alerts Boomi process participants when errors occur and when issues have been resolved

Fault Tolerant

Thru automatically recovers Boomi file transfers when errors occur like unavailable or lost connections


24/7/365 customer support gives Boomi users immediate access to Thru’s support team to resolve issues

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