External Business-to-Business (B2B) File Transfer

Streamline file transfer integrations with trading partners

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Larger enterprises in any industry maintain the networks of hundreds of partners in supply or distribution chains. Global partner networks require a regular and bi-directional flow of file-based data quantifying various business data points including inventory levels, invoices, orders, product catalogs and billing information. With these business-critical insights, the enterprise can adapt to changing market conditions. Frequently, its partners do not have the sophisticated IT infrastructure and technical resources to manage these file transfer systems.

Existing B2B file exchange systems are often based on legacy on-premises products or were developed in-house. Typical challenges businesses face are inefficient onboarding of partners, point-to-point integration processes and deployment complexity. On-premises MFT back-end integrations require continuous maintenance. It is mandatory to have full visibility into file data exchange with partners and flexible onboarding/deprovisioning processes.

Thru Solution

Thru is a cloud-native managed file transfer platform as a service (MFTPaaS) that runs in major cloud providers anywhere and provides connectivity for global partner networks. It scales as needed for the load and is designed with elasticity, adjusting processing resources dynamically to match the workloads.

Thru has a global footprint and manages automated file transfer between the enterprise and its network of partners over multiple file transfer protocols. Thru can act as a client (connecting to external servers directly) or as a server (based on secure cloud file storage). Our no-code architecture enables fast and easy onboarding. Enterprise administrators can quickly manage partners in our administration web portal. A publish-subscribe architecture replaces brittle, point-to-point connections.

Diagram: Partner File Exchange

Diagram of flow of files between Enterprise and Partners

Benefits of B2B File Transfer

No-Code Interface

Thru follows a no-code design philosophy. Web-based configuration and management portals allow users with no development skills, citizen integrators, to work on MFT integrations and flows. These portals streamline and accelerate data exchange with partners.


Thru uses a publish-subscribe architecture to manage file transfers. In this pattern, organizations create simple file flows, subscribe to them and attach endpoints. File flows and subscriptions simplify configuration and process management. They replace brittle, multiple point-to-point connections with flexible many-to-many configurations. To extend the flexibility, subscribed organizations and endpoints can be changed any time, with no maintenance time required.

Guaranteed Delivery

Thru acts as a client or server for all file transfer protocols and is based on persistent cloud storage. If files cannot be delivered to or from the partner endpoint—due to maintenance or network interruption—our system retries multiple times until it succeeds. If it is not successful, alerts are sent to administrators and displayed in the dashboard. To guarantee zero data loss, data is stored in our encrypted cloud file storage until delivery or deletion. Checkpoint restart capability is implemented for all protocols to ensure file transfer will resume from a certain data point.

Onboarding & Partner Portals

Partner onboarding in our administration portals is fast and easy. When partners are onboarded, self-service portals are automatically created. The enterprise can delegate configuration work and management to partner administrators, reducing support and maintenance costs and accelerating solution delivery.

Manufacturing Company Saves 40% in Total Operational Costs over 3 Years


This company’s critical capabilities were not being met by its legacy on-premises integration platform. To solve the issue, it adopted the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™. Next, the IT team searched for an MFT solution that was cloud-native and could easily integrate with MuleSoft.


After switching to Thru, the company reduced resources required to manage global MFT integrations from 10 to two.


Is your partner network difficult to manage? Simplify it with Thru.

Contact us to discuss how we can help. Since 2002, we have analyzed, discussed and solved file transfer challenges.


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