Cloud Managed File Transfer for Integration Platforms (iPaaS)

Illustration of MFT for iPaaS

iPaaS and MFT in a Cohesive Integration Solution

Enterprise integration platforms (iPaaS) are cloud services designed for API-based real-time data integration. Thru complements API data integration with features designed to integrate file-based data, which has specific traffic patterns, transport protocols and delivery requirements. Additionally, Thru complements iPaaS with specialized features such as support for multiple MFT protocols, guaranteed delivery, ability to deliver larger payloads and security. Certified Boomi and MuleSoft connectors integrate with the iPaaS data channel for data exchange. Our management APIs integrate with the iPaaS control channel for orchestration.

Diagram: Complementary File Transfer with iPaaS

Diagram of Complementary File Transfer with iPaaS

Native Connectors for iPaaS

Thru’s no-code design combined with its iPaaS native connectors offloads file transfer management complexity from iPaaS to Thru and minimizes integration time. Integration platforms can integrate via APIs and native connectors to other cloud services. While API-based integration requires at least minimal coding, native connectors benefit from prepackaged service logic and eliminate any development effort. Thru certified connectors directly integrate iPaaS data processing flows with MFT flows for file exchange with external partners, no coding required. Once the iPaaS is connected to Thru, developers do not have to implement any file transfer logic. All file transfer processes are configured in the Thru management portal. This creates a separation of duties between iPaaS data processing and Thru’s file transfer service which acts as a ‘post office’ for file transfer between the iPaaS environment and partner organizations.

For example, files from multiple external endpoints may require processing by the same iPaaS process. In this case, multiple partners can subscribe to one Thru data flow linked to one iPaaS flow. If one endpoint’s connection breaks, endpoints using the same MFT and iPaaS flows are not affected. Thru’s publish-subscribe model enables flexible and stable partner configuration in linked iPaaS-MFT flows.

As Part of Hybrid Integration Scenarios

The integration approach defined as hybrid integration platform (HIP) includes both on-premises and cloud-based solution components in a seamlessly unified solution. The solution usually includes multiple building blocks, including EDI, MFT, API management, messaging brokers and B2B gateways from one or multiple providers. All of this is built on a foundation of an integration platform, iPaaS. MFT is one of the must-have building blocks of integration. In the context of general cloud adoption and API-based integration trends, Thru is the best available MFT solution component with its cloud-native design and API-centric capabilities.

Experience 480% Efficiency Gain in Partner Onboarding


This oil and gas customer used to rely on outdated on-premises FTP servers. Its IT team scrutinized file transfer logs for hours to diagnose failed file transfers.


The company chose Thru because our connector can natively integrate with MuleSoft and complement its capabilities. The results: a 10x reduction in operating expenses and a 480% efficiency gain in partner onboarding.


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