The Managed File Transfer (MFT) Service for
All Your Use Cases

Diagram of Thru's managed file transfer service

Designed to Simplify Data Exchange

Cloud-Native with Hybrid Architecture

No more server setup or maintenance costs. Scale automatically with demand. Manage internal file transfers just as easily with Thru Node.

No-Code Interface

Prioritize IT productivity and innovation. Create file transfer connections in a few clicks.

Publish-Subscribe Model

Speed up partner onboarding by using one flow for hundreds of partners.

Connectors & APIs

Minimize disruption and promote efficiency with our EiPaaS, Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce integrations.

Guaranteed Delivery

Trust that your files will be delivered—no matter what protocol or API is used. Thru can act as a client or server to maximize flexibility.

IT Leader

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I want to move MFT to the cloud.

We specialize in cloud-native MFT. We offer multi-tenant and private cloud deployment options.

I want to modernize our on-premises MFT.

Our cloud MFT can integrate with an EiPaaS installed on-premises.

I have too many projects and not enough resources.

With our no-code interface, your IT team can innovate more.

My integration platform doesn’t have MFT capabilities.

Integration platforms (EiPaaS) are powerful, but they don’t have the MFT capabilities you need. Our native connectors allow data to be exchanged between EiPaaS and MFT.

I need a quote.

We know how important budgets are in any project. Complete our short form to get a personalized quote.

Cloud Architect

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I want to include MFT in my integrated solution.

To modernize business processes, we offer native connectors for MuleSoft, Boomi, Salesforce and Outlook. You can also use our management and monitoring APIs.

I’m wondering how long it’ll take to deploy Thru.

It’s difficult to answer without specifics. We offer two deployment options: multi-tenant environment or private cloud.

I need to know this is secure.

We understand how important security is to you and your team. All files sent in Thru are encrypted in transit and at rest, with anti-virus scanning.

I want to know how Thru scales.

Thru uses native cloud platform technologies such as tiered cloud database services, cloud storage subscriptions and virtual networking to scale.


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I want to use APIs with MFT.

APIs can significantly boost productivity, which is why we offer management and monitoring APIs. You can also build your own EiPaaS connector.

I want to easily integrate MFT with ___________.

We designed native connectors for MuleSoft, Boomi, Salesforce and Outlook.


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I spend hours configuring file transfer connections.

Create file transfer connections in a few clicks in our no-code interface. You can also subscribe hundreds of partners to one flow.

I set up new servers frequently.

Scaling up should be seamless so you can pursue more value-adding projects. Thru scales as needed for the load and is designed with elasticity, adjusting processing resources dynamically to match the workloads.

I troubleshoot file transfer errors constantly.

Visibility is crucial for your team’s success. We collect all file delivery and activity information into two dashboards.

I’m frustrated by the lack of visibility in our current MFT solution.

You need clear, searchable dashboards with file delivery and activity information. Our solutions have them.


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I need our data to be secure.

Security is crucial—that’s why all files sent with Thru are encrypted in transit and at rest.

I need GDPR compliance.

Our solutions are GDPR compliant.

I want role-based access controls.

Create users and set permissions easily. Each user is assigned an internal unique user ID and concurrent access under the same ID is not allowed.

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