What Is Thru?

Thru is the cloud managed file transfer (MFT) solution that gives your IT team hours back per month. Everything needed to manage file transfers is in one place. No more setting up servers, coding, or hunting for missing files.

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What Is Thru Used for?

Moving up to the cloud to enjoy its benefits

Hand off deployment, maintenance, scaling and more to an award-winning team of cloud managed file transfer experts.
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Working efficiently by automating file transfers

Condense hundreds of time-consuming point-to-point connections into a few reusable workflows. Onboard partners in mere minutes.
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Connecting seamlessly with other systems

Add guaranteed delivery and persistence to file transfers in your integration platform. Use our API to automatically configure Thru entities or streamline monitoring.
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Protecting data with state-of-the-art security

Security measures are built into every layer, including antivirus scanning, encryption in transit and at rest and a full audit trail.
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Thru managed file transfer deploys in the cloud, automates file transfers, integrates with applications and secure file transfers

Who Uses Thru and Why?

Thru transfers files internally system to system

A manufacturer transfers files daily between its headquarters and factories. Its factory managers are not technical, so they install the Thru Node (an MFT agent) on their laptops. They drag and drop files into a folder to securely transfer them.
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Thru managed file transfer transfers files externally to partners

With Crocs’ on-premises file transfer application, it took between 2 and 4 hours to code, configure, test and deploy one file transfer connection. Now, it takes less than 30 minutes.
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Thru secure file sharing

Dell EMC’s legacy customer service portal was frustrating to use because of its frequent technical failures and strict file size upload limit. While searching for a new solution, Dell EMC found that choosing Thru instead of building an in-house solution would save three years of development time and millions in cost.
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Thru high speed file transfer

Before using Thru, it took too long for Röchling Automotive employees to share large files securely. They often used unauthorized file sharing services. After switching to our high speed file transfer service, the company enjoys up to 20x faster file transfers.
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What Users Say

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“Easy to provision with just a click of a button. Great customer support.”

in Warehousing

“Pure and straightforward SaaS solution.”

Rok S.
IT Manager

“Learning curve is very soft. No issues regarding both setup and service availability.”

Pedro D.
Business Unit Senior Manager
Middleware and API Management


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