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30-Day Free Trial

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No charge – Full functionality

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Base Tier

Maximum 25GB or 1K Transactions per Month

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US$4,500 per year – Full functionality

Blast into the Stratosphere

Enterprise Tiers

Start at over 25GB per Month

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Require more capacity than Base plan?

How It Works

Usage pricing is based on the data you transfer per month.

Choose Tier Based on Forecast Usage

Thru is a cloud-based service and offers a tiered, usage-based pricing model. The lowest pricing tier (Base) starts at US$375/month (paid annually). The Base plan allows you to get started and the capacity is capped at either 1k transactions per month or 25GB per month depending on which calculation limit is reached first.

If you require more capacity than the Base plan, please contact us to discuss the Enterprise Tiers options.

All Features Included in Every Tier!*

Just pay for data usage based on a tier. Every tier includes the same functionality, APIs and out-of-the-box connectors, deployment, continuous updates, training and 24/7/365 support. Thru manages the instance and is responsible for high availability and load balancing.
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*Exception: High speed file transfer is available as an add-on at additional cost.

How Data Transferred Is Calculated

Thru calculates data transferred in two different ways: number of transactions or quantity of data in GB/TB. Below are examples of the calculation methods using the Base Tier qualifications.

Base Tier Calculation 1: Number of Transactions

In one month, 500 files totaling less than 25GB combined are uploaded to Thru and then sent to the final destination: 500 uploads to Thru plus 500 downloads to the target equals 1000 transactions so the Base Tier 1k transactions limit has been reached.

thru managed file transfer base tier pricing based on transactions

Base Tier Calculation 2: Quantity of Data

In one month, 100 files totaling 25GB of data are uploaded to Thru and then sent to the final destination: 100 uploads to Thru plus 100 downloads to the target is less than 1k transaction limit, however, the Base Tier 25GB data quantity limit has been reached.

thru managed file transfer base tier pricing based on quantity data

Common Pricing Questions

Does number of users using Thru affect or determine price?

No—price and tier are purely determined by data transferred.

How are overages handled?

Usage is measured by the data transferred by Thru. Your expected usage determines pricing tier assignment. Every tier includes the same features; price changes based on amount of data transfer: number of transactions or quantity of data in GB/TB. If usage exceeds this amount, you are charged an overage fee and given the option to move up a tier.

How do I upgrade?

Thru offers annual contracts with 1-year minimum term. Increase data transfer allowance at any time by asking to be moved into a different pricing tier. (Downgrades can only be done at the end of current term.)

Do I download software for the free trial?

No—there is nothing to deploy! Our file transfer services are production ready in the cloud. Request your free trial today »

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