Secure File Transfer Protocols

Transfer files with SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS


Sometimes called a firewall-friendly protocol, SFTP is one of the best choices to secure file transfers. It does not require client software or certificates, which makes it easier for IT teams to manage.


Some IT teams prefer to use FTPS for file transfers because SSL has good authentication mechanisms and is commonly used.


Unlike SFTP and FTPS, with the HTTPS protocol, users can download files directly from a web browser. HTTPS transfers are handled by our Thru Node, which is a lightweight managed file transfer (MFT) agent.

Secure File Transfer Overview

Encrypted protocols are only part of how Thru keeps file transfers secure. See how authentication and monitoring capabilities give you complete control over security.


Have questions about security and compliance for file transfers?

Get answers, not a sales pitch. Since 2002, we have addressed and solved secure file transfer challenges.


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