High Speed File Transfer

Deliver mission-critical files up to 20 times faster

Slow and unreliable file transfers decrease productivity and prevent growth. Our cloud-optimized routing service accelerates file transfers by automatically rerouting around global network congestion points. All data is transferred securely since this service is transparent to all traffic with no caching of data.

Improve Productivity

Stop file delays and accelerate communication. Teams can upload and download files faster in regions with slow internet.

Avoid New Hardware

Speed up file transfer without increasing IT overhead. Our routing service does not require new hardware installation.

Eliminate Volume Limits

Deliver as many files as you need from anywhere without waiting.

Faster Global File Transfer

Access and send information fast, no matter how remote the location.

Automated Global Testing – 5MB File Download Times

Automated Global Testing

How Fast Are Files Transferred?

Three destinations sent a 100MB file from the U.S. West Coast using Thru’s accelerated service offering and simultaneously sent the same file using standard internet.


Watch the Race Below!

video comparing results using Thru's accelerated service offering and simultaneously sending the same file using standard internet

Easily exchange files up to 20X faster than with standard internet — resulting in increased user satisfaction and productivity.

Up to 20 Times Performance Improvement

Accelerate Global File Transfers

Large File Transfer and Speed Challenges

Röchling Automotive has thousands of employees who collaborate from offices in Europe, the U.S., China and Brazil. Its business processes require employees to share large files across multiple geographies. With the previous solution, these file transfers were slow and difficult to audit. Employees often used unsanctioned file sharing services.

Optimized File Transfer Solution

With Thru’s file transfer acceleration and mirroring technologies, users can now send, upload and download content faster from anywhere. Additionally, data is transferred more securely with features like encryption and antivirus scanning that is performed on all file transfers and cloud storage.


High speed file transfer is available.

Please contact us for more information to see if this service is right for your business.


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