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Best Alternative to Hightail's Outlook Plugin | Secure File Sharing

Are you one of the Hightail customers impacted by the discontinued support of Hightail’s Outlook plugin? Don’t worry, Thru’s add-in can help you easily share large files without leaving your Outlook client and gives you a higher level of security.

Our Add-In for Outlook offers your creative teams not only the best alternative to Hightail’s Outlook plugin, but offers more unique features like our industry’s unmatched side panel to access and organize your projects without leaving your mailbox. Since Thru is an enterprise-only solution, you can ensure that your digital assets are always protected with enterprise-grade security.

Securely Send Large Files from Microsoft Outlook

One company that has chosen our Add-In for Outlook to replace Hightail is one of America’s largest haircut franchises, Sport Clips. Since Outlook is still a primary tool for collaboration at the company’s corporate offices, the company decided to go with Thru in order to easily send large files from their preferred email client.

To read the full story of why Sport Clips chose Thru, go to the case study page:


If you’re interested in learning more about Thru’s Add-In for Outlook, click here.

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