How HKS uses Thru to manage data for large-scale projects, including Cowboys Stadium

A leader among global architecture firms, HKS employs 900 professionals in 27 offices around the world, and has completed projects in over 1,000 cities in 65 nations. HKS is recognized for its ability to create buildings of distinction through its unique design process which involves extensive communication with their clients and collaboration among the company’s network of professionals located around the globe.


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“We utilized Thru to create a very secure, a very safe, a very simplistic platform for us to share information with all of our partners. It has been a great tool in helping us to create one of the most prominent buildings in the world.”

Mark Williams, AIA, LEED, AP
Sports & Entertainment Group

Case Study


THE CHALLENGE: Managing Data for Large-Scale Projects

Efficient global communication is essential to HKS’s business model. They must be able to securely send large files across multiple platforms around the world to clients, contractors, and staff. Like much of the architectural industry, however, HKS used FTP to send these files. They found FTP to be inconsistent, restrictive and lacking of the fundamental monitoring, security and internal controls that are needed in a communication-based company. Files were often lost, deleted or accessed improperly from the FTP servers with no means of tracking delivery. These issues could easily cause completion deadlines to be missed and profit lost. Facing these problems and FTP-related cost overruns, HKS began to look for another solution.

CS-Business Value

BUSINESS VALUE: Increased Team Productivity, Real Time Project Management and Collaboration

Initially, Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform and CDN was deployed for 100 project team members. The team members substantially increased productivity since they could quickly and effortlessly collaborate on projects having multiple large files. A lot of rework and duplication of files was eliminated because team members were updated with all change requests and project amendments in real-time, without risk of leaks, data loss or compromise to intellectual property. The CDN allowed files to be sent across the globe in a fraction of the time as with FTP with no failure.

With these significant improvements, return on investment was achieved so quickly that HKS soon replaced all FTP project servers with an enterprise-wide deployment. Now over 1,500 users in various international locations share files in the cloud, which allowed managers to share, organize, and tightly control access of data and emails project by project for the first time. Because of Thru, HKS has greatly advanced efficient global communication.


THRU SOLUTION: 24/7 Global Managed File Transfer, Content Delivery Network, FTP Alternative

HKS chose the combination of Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to replace FTP. Thru’s Platform integrates with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, SharePoint, or to allow files or folders of any size to be securely sent without any special training or assistance required from the IT staff. Files are easily downloaded by the recipient, though they remain completely secure.

Since files and folders can be stored securely in the cloud, all users can securely and easily access files from anywhere at any time. Management is also greatly simplified, since the administrator has the ability to effortlessly set or modify who has access to different files, as well as to track and audit information on who has received what files.

The CDN dynamically distributes files to strategically located core, fallback and edge servers. This allows content to be uploaded onto multiple servers and delivered using the server closest to the recipient, greatly speeding delivery across the globe.

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