More than 4 out of 5 companies report managing software entitlement and licensing via spreadsheets and outdated proprietary applications. Lack of effective tracking results in multiple errors and manual hassles.

Give your CFO the peace of mind that you are fully compliant with FASB 97-2.18 for electronic delivery with Thru’s Last Byte Downloaded (LBD™) technology, CRM integration and Thru’s audit and tracking. If you are a technology service provider, an electronic software delivery solution needs to be an essential part of your software strategy so your customers can quickly take advantage of the latest product offerings/updates (bug fixes and patches), while you have complete access to critical analytical insights into customers’ product usage.

With Thru You Can

Accurately Do Revenue Recognition

The Thru software delivery platform, with its Last Byte Downloaded (LBD™) technology, offers detailed audit tracking delivery reporting. It is secure, compliant and eliminates revenue recognition and billing/accounting issues. Delivery is fast, transparent and ready to go with limited procedural steps with Thru’s GAAP-compliant reporting solutions.

Software Delivery Publishers reduce fulfillment costs 1-1

Reduce fulfillment costs with cloud-based software delivery to customers

Software Delivery Publishers secure subscription revenues 1-2

Stay compliant and eliminate billing issues

Software Delivery Publishers restrict violations fines 1-3

Restrict export violations and fines with domain or IP-based white and blacklists

Ensure Only Entitled Customers Have Access to the Software

With Thru’s Cloud solution, protect digital content from noncompliance usage. Your customers see only software they are entitled to, reduce billing hassles and improve overall satisfaction.

Software Delivery Publishers secure subscription revenues 2-1

Secure subscription and maintenance revenues by restricting access to financially current customers

Software Delivery Publishers no missed revenue opps 2-2

The industry’s best SLA means your deliveries are always on time: no missed revenue opportunities

Software Delivery Publishers increase customer satisfaction 2-3

Increase customer satisfaction by arming your customer service reps via your CRM systems with the latest delivery and support information

Reduce Fulfillment Costs & Maximize Your Profits

Drive revenue growth with Thru’s cost-effective solution by delivering large software at the fastest speeds, gather valuable insights into customer behavior and improve your salesforce productivity and effectiveness.

Software Delivery Publishers manage entitlement from your database 3-1

Manage entitlement the way you want from your database

Software Delivery Publishers insight to geo-footprint 3-2

Plan and execute future upgrade shipments by gaining insight into your geo-footprint

Software Delivery Publishers deliver software globally 3-3

Deliver software from Thru’s 6 data center global delivery network

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