Instantly Distribute Software Electronically

Instantly Distribute Software Electronically

Reduce the latency and frustration of sending software across geographical distances with Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network. Greatly enhance user experience and enable business needs to be served efficiently, irrespective of location on the globe.

  • Send large files of software releases and updates to employees, customers or partners
  • Mirror files to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world
  • Guarantee the delivery of software even when connections drop with checkpoint restart

Streamline Customer Support

Securely receive damaged databases from customers and easily distribute software patches and builds.

  • Resolve issues faster with rapid file delivery between customer service and clients
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRMs and case management systems to enhance customer support and improve satisfaction
  • Reduce administrative overhead
Distribute Software Patches and Builds
Enable Revenue Recognition with CRM

Enable Revenue Recognition with CRM

Meet revenue recognition requirements in compliance with GAAP using Thru’s ability to perform an audit of all transactions.

  • Automatically log all software deliveries based on details of identity, unique tracking numbers, content, and time of transaction
  • Enable your CRM, such as, to remain the single system of record on completion of all recipient software downloads
  • Guarantee 100% accuracy on revenue recognition, no erroneous delivery confirmation

Real Customer Example: Software Company

With over 1,200 customers worldwide, our customer delivers best-in-class supply chain management solutions. The customer chose Thru for easily and securely managing software delivery and entitlement needs, as its aging FTP infrastructure was not able to keep up with the pace of their file transfer demands.

Software File Exchange & Support with Thru

The software company replaced FTP and added “Software File Exchange & Support” capability with the Thru Partner File Exchange Portal to support troubleshooting operations for their customers. The workflow is enabled as below:

Administration Setup:

1 – The customer’s on-premises folder system of customers contains all retention policies and workflow.


Initial Account Provisioning:

2 & 3 – When a partner requests an account – the administrator receives a notification and approves or rejects the request.

4 & 5 – Upon approval, the partner receives the notification of a new account creation and Thru’s unique workflow automatically creates a Partner subfolder in the Thru Cloud with read / write permissions (using the software company’s rules and polices) which is replicated in the customer’s on-premises folder system behind the firewall, using Thru’s unique Mirroring feature.


Software File Exchange and Support Operations:

6 & 7 – When a Partner uploads files into their folder (log files, dump files, etc.), the support desk (and domain users) that are subscribed to the specific folders receive a notification that files have been uploaded into a Partner folder.

8 – The support representative downloads the files and resolves the support issue and uploads fixes/patches/software updates for the support cases back into the Partner’s specific folder.

9 – The system notifies the Partner that a new file has been uploaded into their folder – they download this file from the Cloud.

With Thru, the software company is able to easily manage software file exchange for their customer support and troubleshooting operations.

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