Exchange Files Easily

Exchange Files Easily

Traditional FTP lacks in ease-of-use and is a hassle for IT to manage. Thru offloads heavy file transfer processes, producing high ROI.

  • Send files of unlimited size by secure links
  • Know when files are downloaded by receiving instant notifications
  • Use existing applications with Plugins for Outlook,, IBM Notes, and Sharepoint
  • Unburden on-site servers by offloading all large transfers to Thru

Improve Security Posture

Unlike FTP, Thru does not store files on unsecure servers. Instead, files are protected with monitoring tools and built-in security layers.

  • Track and report actions such as download, upload, and settings changes
  • Secure your file activities with encryption in transit and at rest
  • Protect sent files with password access authentication and download expiration controls
Improve Security Posture
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Send Files Fast and Reliably

International enterprises have to send files at all times of the day. Enable 24/7 uptime of file transfers no matter the geographical region.

  • Eliminate slow downloads via synced global data centers
  • Deliver mission-critical data efficiently with checkpoint restart
  • Transfer documents rapidly with Thru’s Content Delivery Network