Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Key Functionality

  • New! Side Panel Integration
  • Send Unlimited Size Files
  • Unburden your Exchange Server
  • Protect Corporate Data
  • Manage your File System
  • Track and View All Downloads
  • Instant Notifications
  • Comprehensive Audit
Most companies use email regularly to transfer files, but email was not designed to send and receive large file attachments. The Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook allows companies to expand their email messaging environment and achieve greater value and efficiency. Users can quickly and easily send unlimited size files, navigate a secure file system, and track and modify all Thru file transfers.
Secure File Transfer

Send Files Securely and Improve Performance

Unburden your Microsoft Exchange server using the Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook:

  • Offload large files to the Thru platform automatically, optimizing email server performance and increasing server capacity
  • Implement automated policy enforcement; Thru automatically detects large files, key words, and specified file types and sends them securely, with no separate user action necessary
  • Easily store local files and folders of any size including emails and email attachments with drag and drop upload
  • Gain control and visibility of all sent files with ability to set password authentication, view download status, expire download links, and more

Streamline Workflow with Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Securely send, track, and manage any size files or folders directly from Outlook:

  • Distribute, collect, assess, and track files without changing email workflow
  • Navigate the file system while retaining user permissions from the Thru side panel
  • Modify sent emails or view their download status
  • Authentication using active directory and single sign-on (SSO)

Improve Collaboration and Project Management

Utilize project tagging for better IT costing and chargeback transparency:

  • Automatically distribute costs and improve accounting transparency by assigning emails to the corresponding project, cost center, or geographic area
  • Link costing and chargeback metrics to a specific client, project, partner, department, or individual based on usage
  • Associate storage for particular projects, understand usage by cost center, and distribute costs across accounting lines

Datasheet: Thru Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Discover how Thru’s Connector for Microsoft Outlook enhances email for enterprises without a change in workflow:

  • Send Unlimited Size Files – Securely transfer files without size limits and receive notifications upon recipient’s download
  • Manage your File System – Easily navigate your file system from the Thru side panel to send, edit, or upload and download files and folders of any size
  • Unburden your Exchange Server – Offload large files to the Thru platform to increase company server capacity and optimize performance
  • Protect Corporate Data – Secure data with full virus scanning in transit and at rest, audit for every interaction made with data, and more

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