Remove File Attachment Limits
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Remove File Attachment Limits

Email wasn’t designed to exchange large attachments. Replace file attachments with fast file transfers of any size.

  • Send and receive large files without restriction on file size or file type
  • Share files via links with notification upon download
  • Optimize your Microsoft Exchange server performance and capacity

Prevent Data Theft and Leakage

Remove data security risks by replacing standard email attachments.

  • Be notified when files are moved, transferred, downloaded, and modified
  • Ensure privacy of files with comprehensive encryption
  • Set password authentication, view download status, and expire download links to files
Microsoft Outlook prevent data theft leakage
Streamline Workflow
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Streamline Workflow

Securely send, track, and manage any size files or folders directly from Outlook.

  • Manage a secure file system with drag and drop upload
  • Modify sent emails and view their download status
  • Streamline access using Active Directory and single sign-on (SSO)