Offload Large File Transfer to Single Platform

Large File Transfer with a Single Platform

Consolidate all enterprise file exchange to Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform where all files and folders are transferred and accessed only by authorized users.

Protect Files at All Times

Secure your corporate data transactions with much more than just encryption. Every file transfer is protected by multiple security features like pre-set policies or adjusted by the end user as necessary.

  • Keep information secure in transfer and at rest with end-to-end encryption
  • Utilize multiple security settings such as replacing or removing files after clicking send
  • Set an expiration date for files, notifications on download of files, and an optional password requirement
Secure Files at All Times
Alternative to FTP Servers

Replace FTP Servers

With Thru, you can find an alternative to FTP servers and retire unattractive and difficult to use interfaces. Ensure that no matter where your customers and partners are located, uploads and downloads are fast and secure.

  • Rapidly and securely access files or folders from anywhere in the world
  • Transfer files of any size and file type
  • Set up branded and customized file sharing sites to provide secure file exchange with external partners or customers and maintain brand consistency

Access Files Anytime, Anywhere

Securely view, edit, and create data outside the office with mobile file sharing and collaboration. Provide an easy to use solution to lock down data and enable secure business transactions via mobile devices.

  • Exchange files from any location or device at any time, ensuring that work continues and files are secured
  • Collaborate internally using groups and shared folders
  • Regulate file ownership and permissions with granular administration of both users and devices
Access Large Files on Mobile Devices
Schedule, Integrate, and Control File Transfers

Schedule, Integrate, and Control

Schedule and centrally manage both internal and external complex business file transfers.

  • Schedule and manage from a single point of control to reduce the time needed to design, deploy and monitor highly-secure file transfer jobs in complex environments
  • Reduce IT overhead by managing hundreds of scheduled and live file transfer jobs
  • Meet security mandates and keep data confidential under regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DSS by meeting requirements such as encryption, access control, authentication, monitoring, and more

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