Transferring Large Software Database Files


The primary objective of ISV (Independent Software Vendor) customer support is to detect a client’s underlying problem and solve it quickly and efficiently. When technical hindrances slow down the support process, customer satisfaction decreases and valuable time is wasted. An aspect of ISV support that regularly faces hindrances is the process of exchanging large database files with customers.

Transferring Large Software Database FilesIn this process, ISV customers have damaged databases that are in need of repair or analysis by the ISV’s support team. The support team will receive the database files for analysis and then send the database back when repaired.

CRMs and case management systems give customers the ability to electronically upload files where they are received directly by customer support. The problem with these solutions is that they are often not sufficient for ISV customer support because they put limits on file size to 2 GB or less and lack necessary tracking, auditing and security features.

Because of these limitations, ISVs usually adopt a separate FTP solution to exchange large database files although customers find these solutions overly complex. Additionally, FTP does not secure sensitive files during transit nor does it give the support team or customers the ability to know if files were received and downloaded. Although FTP is not a good solution, it is the most widely used today.

Thru removes the limitations presented by CRMs and FTP and allows secure file transfer between ISV support and global clients.

Thru Enhances File Transfer for ISVs

The Thru Platform addresses the key needs of customer support with secure, reliable and guaranteed file exchange. Thru allows ISVs to exchange large database files with customers providing the following capabilities:

  • Upload and download files of any size.
  • Enable customers to upload large files directly to customer support using Thru Dropbox™ via a customer portal or CRM.
  • Protect intellectual property with end-to-end security including data encryption at rest and in transit, physical data center security, layered application security and comprehensive tools for monitoring and tracking.
  • Track all file downloads and uploads with configurable automatic notifications and comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities.
  • Integrate with existing workflows or applications such as CRMs.

Thru is a comprehensive file transfer solution built for the enterprise. With integrations for numerous applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, support teams are provided with a familiar workflow to transfer large files of any size. Since all files are secured in Thru’s Cloud, every interaction with company data is tracked and recorded to ensure ISVs have complete visibility into all file transfer activity.

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