Microsoft Outlook® Integration

Easily Extend Content Collaboration

Screen of Thru integration with Microsoft Outlook including Side Panel

Send large files/folders of any size with Thru by simply attaching files with the “Send with Thru” button when sending an Outlook email. Set an expiration date to encourage recipients to download files or folders in a timely manner. Know exactly when recipients have downloaded files by receiving a “read receipt” notification in your inbox.

Screen of sending large files in Outlook

Access and collaborate in a secure, cloud-native file system directly from Outlook with the Thru Side Panel. This built-in panel provides powerful features like drag and drop upload of files/folders, file versioning, download status check, activity stream and more.

Easily share and exchange files with Thru's Side Panel in Outlook

Instantly generate a link to files/folders from the Thru Side Panel when you simply want to share a file or folder in a chat conversation. The links can either be public (anyone can access) or private (only users on your site can access).

Link Sharing from Thru Side Panel in Outlook

Protect intellectual property with Thru’s enterprise-grade security and governance features. All content sent via Thru is secured with encryption in transit and at rest. Additionally, utilize optional “Request Login” to require authentication before attachment download.

Protect Intellectual Property with Thru security features

View a full activity stream of file/folder actions from the Thru Side Panel to track interactions with intellectual property made by internal and external users. Each transaction shows the user’s name, operation type, date/time and IP address.

Monitor Intellectual Property from Side Panel

Thru for Outlook can be customized to fit your company’s needs by providing configuration settings at the administrator and user levels. Set policies that automatically handle attachments based on properties such as file size and file types. Add domain filtering, download link expiration policies and Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication via your identity provider.

Configure to Company Privacy Policies

Easily archive your Outlook emails into custom folders with Thru’s email archiving feature. Archive folder lists are managed in Thru Settings and emails are added to projects by simply selecting any number of emails and using the “Add to Project” button (name is customizable depending on your use case). Pin folders to quickly file or archive emails in one easy step.

Archive Emails in Project Folders

Seamless Collaboration for Enterprises and Businesses

Provide seamless collaboration for thousands of users with Thru’s instantly-scalable global data centers and 24/7 customer support team.

Collaborate on Large Attachments

Reduce email storage overload for you and your customers/partners by collaborating on large attachments via Thru.

Track and report all actions

Increase visibility of content collaboration processes with the ability to track and report all actions like download/upload, deletion, distribution, etc.

Secure File Exchange Platform for Enterprises

Have peace-of-mind knowing all content in Thru is protected with enterprise-grade features like encryption and malware scanning.

No Change in Workflow

Users can start using Thru with virtually no learning curve with features and settings seamlessly integrated into the Outlook Ribbon and menu items.

Streamline business processes with a centralized platform

Streamline business processes with a centralized platform that provides data retention policies and strong file access controls.

Sport Clips collaborates and emails large files easily from Outlook

Learn how Sport Clips replaced Hightail’s plugin with Thru to easily send files of any size in Microsoft Outlook.

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