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Does your company regularly send large files to customers and partners? If yes, you probably know that standard email isn’t necessarily the best tool for sending large files due to file size limits. In today’s tip, we’ll show you how Thru makes sending large files via email secure and easy in clients like Microsoft Outlook. This post will show you how to send large files through Outlook with the Thru for Outlook add-in.

Securely Send Files of Any Size Through Outlook

After a user downloads the Thru for Outlook add-in to their desktop, they can create a new email as they normally would but can choose to “send with Thru,” as opposed to sending a standard email attachment. When sending files with Thru, users can send files or folders of any size that they have stored on their desktop or that have been stored in the Thru Cloud.

Securely Send Large Email Attachments

Send Large Files via Email | Thru Inc

Enterprise-Grade Security Features

In addition to attaching files of any size, users also get enterprise-grade security features like setting an expiration date, requesting recipient login and the ability to attach encrypted messages with files.

Setting Expiration Date – When a user sends files with Thru, the recipients access files via a secure link in their mailbox. All download links sent by Thru automatically receive an expiration date that prevents recipients from downloading files after a certain date. Before a user sends files, they can easily choose this expiration date from a drop down menu.

Set expiration date for email attachments

Requesting Login – To prevent files from being accessed by unauthorized users, Thru users can choose to Request Login before sending files that makes download links inaccessible without a registered email and password. Recipients (customers/partners) who do not have a Thru account are still able to be registered by following registration steps.

Private Messaging – By selecting Private Message, users can attach an encrypted message that is only accessible to the recipients. This feature is ideal for securely transferring confidential information like SSNs (Social security numbers), Passwords, Credit Card Numbers, etc.

Encrypted Messaging | Large File Sharing

Thru email application integrations come as part of the Thru platform and are available exclusively to companies with a Thru account. If you are interested in empowering your users to send files of any size from their email, go to our Thru for Outlook page to learn more.


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