Why do Enterprises need a Customizable File Transfer Platform?



The entire purpose of the IT department is to enable business and that should be the main goal of any IT solution. In this constantly changing world, IT solutions must be agile and able to change with the business. Some businesses irrationally choose to build their own bespoke solutions as they feel this is the only way to get exactly what is needed. They shy away from commercial off-the-shelf software solutions that must be modified and extended to fit ever-changing needs so they elect to do it internally. This is irrational because it is only the original project costs that are attractive while the expensive hidden costs are in the operating, extending and modifying these custom software solutions. Maintaining custom software long after the original developers are gone can be a nightmare. The unforeseen overhead quickly becomes untenable when compared with the original benefit.

The majority of small and medium sized businesses opt for out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solutions since they are typically cheaper and can do most of what they want. Large businesses and enterprises, however, need more specialized solutions. The difference in one feature could mean millions of dollars of loss in efficiency. The evolution of what we now term “cloud solution” has gone from hosted one-size-fits-all to complete tool kits that can be tinker toyed together and scaled to address most any need.

What large businesses and the enterprise need are vendors that are very specialized as best-of-breed in a narrow problem set but are willing to customize and bend their solution to fit their particular business need. Thru was the first cloud-based managed file transfer solution provider to publish an API and to offer essentially our entire feature set programmatically. The out-of-the-box set of MFT features Thru provides can address 90% of what most users need while Thru’s extensive tool kit allows solutions to be tailored.

While we at Thru are constantly modifying and extending our solution to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we realize that many businesses need our innovative, ready-to-use MFT with no changes; therefore, Thru is backward compatible with every software version released to date. This approach does not work as well for premises-based deployments but, given the agility of the cloud, features and updates just appear on a regular basis.

Thru’s platform was designed for the enterprise 10 years ago with the principles of flexibility and scalability at heart. This cloud-based platform, in addition to our responsive and agile engineering team, has enabled us to retain some of the largest companies in Healthcare, Software, Advertising and AEC since our inception. These enterprises continue to get the file transfer functionality that they need to enable them to focus on being leaders in their industry and any business looking for a file transfer solution would be sensible to do the same.

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