FTP Replacement for the Oil and Gas Industry


IT departments for oil and gas companies often face an uphill battle to meet industry file transfer demands. Like many other industries, oil and gas companies are concerned with speed and security when transferring data, but they must also consider the possible complications transferring very large files across vast distances.

Extremely Large File Transfers

File size limitations are at the forefront of the IT department’s collective consciousness when deciding how best to transfer files in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas exploration companies with energy services such as wireline operations often need to take snapshots of wells to detect oil or natural gas hydrocarbons and the log files of these snapshots can be up to 20 gigabytes. Many older tools such as VPN connections or FTP servers simply were not designed to handle transfers with files of that magnitude. With the Thru platform, no file is too big to transfer. Oil and gas exploration companies can confidently transfer files with no size limitations.
Hiker with backpack representing FTP overflowing with files

Accessibility across Continents

Oil and gas exploration companies often send employees to remote, far-flung corners of the planet in search of natural resources. Distance is no issue with Thru; TCP acceleration technology with synced global data centers ensures that users can access data in a snap. Remote users and contractors on drilling rigs can access a central repository from any device to upload or download data quickly and securely, no matter where they are.

Streamlined Business Processes

With an eye on business process improvement, the Thru platform helps IT departments improve efficiency in a global oil and gas remote workforce. Thru Enterprise Mobility securely supports users on any continent. With an app for iOS and a mobile web app for all devices, connectivity with Thru is never out of reach.

With Thru, there is no need to interrupt workflow; users can send, track and manage files or folders with Thru integrations for Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and Thru API from anywhere in the world. This means seamless, streamlined collaboration and improved performance for the enterprise. Users can send encrypted messages without certificate exchanges or access cloud storage from the Thru Explorer in the Connector toolbar.

Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. With features that let remote employees worldwide transfer large files across cities, countries and continents, Thru can help oil and gas exploration companies improve business processes by ensuring fast, secure file transfer without file limitations.


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