How to Transfer Files Securely from Outlook


It’s something many constantly worry about: They proceed to send sensitive files over the web, but have the looming thoughts that their data may end up in the wrong hands. Small wonder. Major data breaches last year for companies like Anthem and Premera have put many on edge about who is accessing their documents. Thankfully, Thru provided multiple ways for its users to protect their files from unauthorized access. One of the most significant of Thru’s security features is called “Required Login.”

Required Login is a secure file transfer feature that requires the recipient(s) of the message to log in with a registered email address and password in order to download files.
Secure File Transfer Login Menu

As in the image below of Thru for Microsoft Outlook, the Thru user simply clicks “Request Login” before sending file attachments. When downloading files, recipients are taken to a form (as pictured above) where they enter their login credentials. New recipients of Thru messages must fill out a registration form to register their email address. If the email address used is not in the original recipient list, they will not be allowed to download contents.

Secure File Transfer Login - Outlook

This additional layer of security is very significant for enterprises since it gives employees a powerful way to prevent content from being forwarded to unauthorized users. If you have a Thru account, you can start using the Required Login feature today by following the steps found in the Support Guides.

To watch a Thru file transfer in action, view the video demo below of sending files with Thru for Outlook!

demo video of how to send files with Thru for Microsoft Outlook

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