How to Transfer Large Files Over the Internet


On a normal day at work, sending files is probably as common as your morning cup of coffee.

Thru Secure File Transfer
A large part of your day may involve exchanging files like reports or designs with clients, employees and vendors. But what if you have files that are too large for standard email or file storage apps? You would need a solution that can handle large file sizes and not interrupt your routine.

With Thru, you don’t have to worry about file size limits. For example, Thru’s web application lets you access your files from any browser and easily send multiple files and folders of any size. And since Thru is designed specifically for enterprises, your sensitive information is protected with security features such as

  • Private Messages: If you need to send sensitive information with your files such as IP addresses, passwords or SSNs, Thru lets you send a private encrypted message that only the recipient(s) can view.
  • Request Login: To prevent files from being forwarded to unauthorized viewers, you can require all recipients to log in with a registered email and password before downloading.

To watch a file transfer using Thru Web, check out this short demo!

demo video of how to securely send files directly from Thru

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