How to Upload Files Using Secure File Sharing


In today’s digital era, your customers now expect files they upload to be securely transferred, protected and kept private. Period. With data breaches a constant threat and data privacy laws becoming more strict (e.g. GDPR compliance), your company must prove it can handle information securely and still provide a stellar customer experience. This begs the question, is your current method for file uploading secure enough? This blog will inform you of a secure solution for receiving files from anywhere.

Many free tools like consumer file sharing apps and FTP clients do not have the security in place to protect sensitive information. Using unsecure tools like these put your company at dangerous risk of exposing files to the public. One way to guarantee that all your file uploads are received, stored and accessed securely is by using a secure file sharing solution like Thru. With the Thru Dropbox™ tool, users can upload files of any size from public web pages and email signatures and all files are scanned for viruses and encrypted in transit and at rest. Files uploaded via Thru Dropbox are sent to a target folder on the Thru file sharing platform, which can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises. Below are some of the main benefits of using Thru as your company’s secure file upload service:

  • Files are protected with anti-virus scanning/encryption
  • External users don’t have to sign up to upload files
  • Notifications are sent immediately to subscribed users when files are uploaded to Thru folders
  • Easily govern stored files with enterprise-grade access controls
  • Thru folders can be synced to user desktops to have instant access to files
  • Every transaction is tracked and recorded in the Thru Audit
  • Customize the upload interface to meet company branding requirements
  • Links to Thru Dropbox™ can be placed anywhere: email signatures, public-facing websites, internal web portals
  • Thru users can upload files via secure mobile apps

Below is an example of how users can upload files securely with Thru Dropbox™:

Secure and Large File Transfer Uploads for Businesses - Thru

Learn more about how Thru secures file transfers.


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