Improve Customer Support and Document Management with Thru and Oracle


illustration of improving customer support and document management with thru and oracle
Managing customer support with speed, simplicity and security has become increasingly important as customer expectations on instantaneous help and the amount of file exchange between support teams and customers have accelerated. Using outdated methods like FTP, physical DVDs or risky freeware solutions for software delivery, patch distribution and handling customer log files not only pose a security risk, but can also leave your customers frustrated.

In a study conducted by Forrester, it was reported that more than 82% of software companies reported managing software delivery to customers and partners was a challenge, with more than 66% percent relying on freemium file sharing tools risking the security and sanctity of the data.

One of Thru’s customers approached Thru with a similar challenge. This company was looking for a solution that would allow their customers to upload large files directly from their support portal, Oracle RightNOW. The files were in the size of 250MB to 5GB and they required file sharing capability to be directly integrated.

At the core, they were evaluating a robust file sharing solution that could easily plug and play with their existing support application. They wanted customers to be able to simply drop files in a pre-made Java applet to our web portal – via a Flash uploader, or HTML5 control.

Modernize Software Delivery & Fulfillment with Thru

To help support teams resolve issues faster, streamline processes and improve support file exchange, support applications like Oracle RightNow can easily be integrated with a file sharing solution like Thru, with its robust set of APIs.

  • The integration is designed to enable support teams to quickly and effectively plan, troubleshoot and distribute patches, log files and content that builds enables speedy resolution with customers, improving customer service, and ultimately nurturing loyalty.
  • You can also add accurate entitlement with CRM/ERP integration.
  • Thru can replace your FTP sites and add easy workflow within your email, CRM and case management systems – ensuring that it’s not only easy for your customer support teams, but also ensure your customer interactions are smoother. All that with transparent higher security and controls.
  • Thru helps make support teams more efficient by improving:
    • Speed of delivery of large data software files and folders
    • Internal customer escalation process and workflows
    • Internal to external communication
  • Service agreement deadlines
  • Security and protection of software assets
  • Tracking of file activity
  • Improving support agent productivity all together

Achieve all this while continuing to use your business applications with seamless integration for file sharing.

If you are looking at a way to allow your customers to upload and download files of any size in your support portal – like Oracle RightNow – consider an enterprise file exchange and share solution that has the breadth of APIs and the robustness of a secure architecture like Thru.


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