Thru Tip: How to Add Custom Branding to Thru File Sharing Portals


We often hear from companies that they need to set up branded file sharing portals that can be accessed from company websites, etc. In today’s tip, we explain how you can customize Thru secure file sharing portals to maintain brand consistency during customer/partner transactions.

To add logos to a Thru file sharing portal, designated Thru admins log in to a section called Customization under the Site Options. This is where they can update the portal logos and messaging. To add logos, the admin simply chooses a graphic for the portal log in page (viewable to anyone) and clicks the upload button to complete the process. A similar process uploads a logo for inside the portal, visible only to users logged in to the file sharing portal to upload, download or manage information (see images below).

Corporate Branded File Sharing Site

Secure File Sharing - Custom Branding

Customized Branding - Thru File Sharing Portal


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