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Modern enterprises run on software. By sending software updates in a reliable and auditable way, enterprises can improve efficiency, reduce time to market and decrease risk. When issues arise, customers can securely send log files and databases to support, improving efficiency and reducing time to market.

There are two main challenges in software distribution and management:

1. Software Distribution to Customers

Software builds, updates and patches for multiple products should be accessible to customers according to their entitlements. Modern development frameworks have quickly increased the size and number of binary files which constitute software delivery. Transfer security and an auditable delivery record guarantee delivery and revenue recognition.

2. File Sharing in Support Systems

The increasing complexity of hardware and software configurations combined with the growing volume of processed data sometimes results in corruption issues, which require quick troubleshooting. Web-based support systems should manage fast global sharing of large support attachments between software or data vendors and enterprises. File sharing should be integrated with business support and CRM systems.

Thru Solution

1. Electronic Software Distribution

We provide many methods to handle software package distributions, updates and patches. These methods include a few add-ins and APIs:

  • Extensive Web API to integrate entitlement and CRM systems such as Salesforce with our cloud to distribute software packages strictly according to licensing rules.
  • Ready-to-use add-ins for CRM applications and productivity suites like Office 365 to send software packages. CRM integration creates one place to view software distribution and recipient software downloads.
  • Guaranteed and auditable delivery of the software downloads to recipient nonrepudiation. Audit records in Thru and Salesforce can serve for revenue recognition purposes.

2. File Sharing in Support Systems

We offer file sharing for support purposes with connectors to support systems, integration APIs and Thru applications:

  • Web APIs for file sharing integrate Thru with web-based customer support systems. Users can upload, download, view and share files in a support application’s web interface. No logging into Thru is required, reducing the customer’s learning curve.
  • Add-ins for Salesforce CRM. The support team can manage support case files directly in the Salesforce support case web user interface.
  • Our web portals provide a hierarchical cloud file system with user accounts, groups and permissions. Customers can easily share files with software vendors online.

Customer Success Story


ACI Worldwide, a provider of electronic payments solutions, used a homegrown FTP system to distribute its software. As ACI Worldwide acquired multiple software companies, the system became more complex and cumbersome to use.


After switching to Thru, ACI cut development costs and simplified software delivery, improving customer satisfaction.

ACI Worldwide logo

“Thru allowed us to move our customers from legacy applications to a single delivery methodology, which simplified their access while tightening the security around protection of our [intellectual property].”

Ellen Southerland
Manager of Corporate Software Delivery
ACI Worldwide

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