Why Thru Is a Niche Player in Gartner MQ for Content Collaboration Platforms


We are excited to be recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms (formerly EFSS) for the third year in a row! This year we were ranked a “Niche Player” and differentiated based on our unique combination of EFSS and managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities in the cloud. To learn more about why Thru was ranked a Niche Player by Gartner, watch the video below featuring interviews with Thru Leadership including our CEO and more!

video of why Thru was ranked a Niche Player by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms (formerly EFSS)

*Read the video transcript below and also learn about another new Gartner report that Thru was featured in this year.

Video Transcript

How has Thru evolved to meet customer needs?

Lee Harrison, CEO, Thru Inc: I founded Thru almost fifteen years ago as an easy way to share files online, but we have evolved into an enterprise platform for unlimited data exchange. Thru has been recognized as a problem solver and we’ve been first in a lot of different ways. We were first to plug into Microsoft Outlook. We were first to plug into Salesforce.com. We were first to plug into SharePoint, and first to bring functionality into Lotus Notes.

Why is Thru considered a Niche Player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant?

Subhashni Simha, VP Product Management & Marketing, Thru Inc: Thru is an Enterprise File Sync and Share solution. We focus only on the enterprises and business players so we play only in the enterprise segment of the market. As Gartner defines Niche Players as the kind of vendors who look at a certain segment, we focus entirely on the enterprises. Now when it comes to enterprises, let me tell you that as enterprises start making the shift of file sync and share as the tactical task to actually accomplish an objective of digital transformation, they will start rethinking file sync and share solutions and of how to implement these solutions, what kind of different workflows and what kind of different business processes and applications need to be involved in the entire gamut of things.

How flexible is Thru’s platform?

Daniel Hurtubise, VP Customer Success, Thru Inc: The interesting part about that is that customers come to us all the time and one of the key struggles they have when they come to us is they have a hard time finding a platform that can really address a lot of their issues. We have customers that come to us and say, “I need something to help me transfer files.” That’s a very general statement and what they’re really asking for is a way for a platform to integrate into their business process to understand how users are going to use those files and share them with people and when they engage with the system they need to do so through their business systems or their business applications. When we talk about business systems we talk about CRMs, ERPs and those kind of larger enterprise-class applications and then also the desktop applications. And so if you think of Outlook, for example, or Notes. Users want to be able to interface with the systems they use every day and not necessarily have to come out of those systems to go and use something else to simply share files with other people.

Why should CIOs and IT Managers consider Thru?

Subhashni Simha, VP Product Management & Marketing, Thru Inc: If you look at the report, you will see that Gartner ranks Thru for its strengths in large file distribution, distribution across low latencies, distribution for geographically distributed organizations and also its automation capabilities. These are some of the key strengths that differentiates Thru among other solution providers out there and if you’re an enterprise who has some of these needs I highly recommend you consider, evaluate or try Thru.

In conclusion, I want to say that Thru is a great fit for enterprises looking for speed, security and simplicity. I strongly encourage you to go to thruinc.com and try Thru today.

Gartner Includes Thru in Critical Capabilities Report for Content Collaboration Platforms

Gartner recently released its latest Critical Capabilities report for Content Collaboration Platforms and rated Thru along with other top vendors in the industry. We are pleased to have been rated highly on several use cases/capabilities. Here are a few of the use cases Thru was rated for:

  • Workforce Productivity (Thru scored 3.91/5): This use case focuses on general-purpose, nonroutine working experiences by individuals on documents, from different locations and across multiple devices.
  • Infrastructure Modernization (Thru scored 3.84/5): This use case focuses on reorganizing data infrastructure, replacing file and FTP servers, moving content to the cloud, data residency and backup/recovery automation.
  • Centralized Content Protection (Thru scored 3.97/5): This use case focuses on centralized content oversight and governance in a secured environment.



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