Overcome File Sharing Risks for Tech Support Teams


Believe it or not, but the majority of technology and electronics companies today are using unsecure and outdated file sharing methods for customer support.

We recently commissioned Forrester to analyze the top challenges of technology companies and discovered that more than 60% of support teams are using email and ungoverned file sharing solutions like FTP to exchange software builds, patches and troubleshoot use cases. Forrester states that “in addition to these solutions putting intellectual property and competitive advantage at risk, they offer little control or rights management and have few audit and tracking controls.

Is your company currently exchanging software with customers using FTP or email? If yes, then your intellectual property may be at risk of being retrieved by unauthorized users because of no visibility by IT management and a lack of vital features like encryption and virus scanning. The study says that your support team can use enterprise-class solutions that provide a more robust set of tools to secure and manage software builds, patches and error logs.

Modernize and Increase Security for Customer Support

Customer Support Integration

With Thru, you can modernize the customer support experience and give your support team a secure way to exchange software patches, logs and troubleshoot cases. Thru gives your support team an easier workflow with the ability to integrate in the back end of your customer support application and inside your email client; improving security and efficiency for the customer experience. Leading tech companies such as Dell EMC and Vocera choose Thru to customize integration with their customer support applications and support unlimited sharing of any size files for thousands of users.


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