Reduce Bottlenecks with Faster File Sharing

Due to internet congestion, online file transfers can often take several minutes travelling from point A to B. With Thru OptiSPEED, avoid the traffic and send files up to 20X faster:

  • Automatically re-route data transfers around global network congestion points via Thru’s “cloud-optimized routing” technology
  • Replace slower systems like FTP and use Thru as your company’s high speed file sharing platform
  • Guarantee the successful delivery of important data with Thru’s 99.99% uptime SLA

Accelerate File Transfer from Enterprise Apps

Drastically increase file transfer speed in your company’s existing apps with Thru’s extensive integration capabilities:

  • Transfer files of any size quickly with Thru’s add-ins for Outlook, IBM Notes, SharePoint, Salesforce and Office 365
  • Use the Thru API to add high speed file sharing to existing business processes and systems
  • Access via iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices

Enable Global Collaboration with Quick File Transfer

Solutions like FTP hinder project teams with slow transfer speeds, file size limits and no tracking of transactions. Increase productivity and collaboration with Thru’s fast file sharing platform, Thru OptiSPEED:

  • Sync files quickly from the cloud to user desktops
  • Upload and download files easier from remote sites like ships, oil wells, and regions with slow internet
  • Track all file activities in real-team with notifications and report all actions with the Thru Audit tool

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