Built Exclusively for the Enterprise and Businesses

Thru is an end-to-end file sharing and collaboration solution, exclusively built for the business user. It not only offers enterprise-grade security and reliability at the core, but also offers easy-to-use interface and deep integration into a variety of business applications.


With access via Web, mobile apps for iOS and Android, Thru Desktop Sync and Thru Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, Thru gives your organization 360-degree access and ability to sync and share files from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Collaborate in real time by connecting all departments and giving your employees a secure virtual office experience that government and financial organizations trust.

The Only File Sync and Share Provider to Offer a True 360 Access

The Only File Sync and Share Provider to Offer a True 360o Access

Products and Add-ins

Technical Overview

Security and Audit at its Best

Protect your most sensitive files with features like encryption, antivirus scanning and role-based access controls. All events (e.g. deletes, uploads and downloads) are recorded in Thru Audit, which can be managed, analyzed and reported by IT administrators.

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Closer look at Thru's Audit interface screen

Powerful Integration

Add Thru file sharing features to existing business apps with Thru’s REST and SOAP APIs coupled with user interface tools. Developers can utilize over 100 Thru API calls to tailor your file transfer needs with minimal coding.

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Thru integrates with existing business applications via rich APIs

Global Network

Thru is a global network with data centers across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. With Thru Content Delivery Network (CDN), users can quickly exchange files from extremely long distances by directing uploads and downloads to the lowest RTT (round trip time).

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Thru's global content delivery network (CDN) exchanges files securely and efficiently