Thru OptiBAND™ to exchange files globally even with poor internet and low bandwidth connections
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Send Files Efficiently Even on Poor Connections

Quickly exchange files with globally-dispersed users and guarantee successful deliveries even in poor internet connections with Thru OptiBAND™.

  • Accelerate file transfer speeds with Thru’s patent-pending transmission
  • Streamline collaboration with onsite data caching and delivery notifications
  • Pick up file transfers and downloads where they left off in the event of outages with Thru’s checkpoint restart technology

Reduce Bandwidth Usage for Large File Transfers

With Thru OptiBAND, conserve limited internet bandwidth when transferring large files from ships or remote offices.

  • Control bandwidth consumption by setting limits based on file size
  • Minimize bandwidth needs with OptiBAND’s built-in compression
  • Improve internet speeds and save costs by allocating bandwidth in real-time
A closer look at Thru OptiBAND™ for low bandwidth connections
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Ensure Business Continuity and Productivity

Ensure Business Continuity and Productivity

By using Thru OptiBAND for remote collaboration, ensure your business is “always on” and give users an easy and secure way to work from any device.

  • Maintain business continuity by prioritizing mission-critical messages over less important traffic
  • Stay compliant with policies and standards across all locations
  • Guarantee the delivery of files and messages irrespective of slow network performance

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