Mobile mobilize your enterprise

Mobilize Your Organization

Your workforce is going mobile rapidly. Thru lets your employees send and access large files anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Manage and send files on the go with native apps for iOS and Android
  • Access your content from any device through mobile web
  • Protect corporate data with instant remote wipe security
  • Enhanced security including two-factor authentication (2FA) and encryption

Share Files Externally

Give partners and customers a secure way to send you large files with Thru Dropbox™.

  • Receive files instantly by posting a link to Thru Dropbox™ on websites or email signatures
  • Provide multiple protocols for external users to send you files of any size: Browser, Java, Active-X, or HTML5
  • Ensure all incoming files are secured with full antivirus scanning and encryption
Mobile Apps Share Files Externally
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Mobile collaborate globally

Collaborate Globally

Remote business teams need a secure platform when collaborating on project files. Thru provides remote teams with easy collaboration while keeping assets secure.

  • Maintain project organization by offloading files to a single cloud platform
  • Set access controls for partners unique to the required business processes
  • Enable simplified chargeback and costing based on project, client, partner, or individual user