Mobile mobilize your enterprise

Mobilize your Enterprise

The mobile workforce is growing exponentially. Thru lets you easily send and access large files anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Share Files Externally

Give partners and customers a secure way to send you large files with Secure Dropbox™.

  • Receive files instantly by posting a link to Secure Dropbox™ on websites or email signatures
  • Provide multiple protocols for external users to send you files of any size: Browser, Java, Active-X, or HTML5
  • Ensure all incoming files are secured with full antivirus scanning and encryption
Mobile share files externally
ti07 Mobile collaborate globally

Collaborate Globally

Remote business teams need a secure platform when collaborating on project files. Thru provides remote teams with easy collaboration while keeping assets secure.

  • Maintain project organization by offloading files to a single Cloud platform
  • Set access controls for partners unique to the required business processes
  • Enable simplified chargeback and costing based on project, client, partner, or individual user