Modernize the Enterprise: A 5 Step Process for Virtualizing Infrastructure


Datacenter - Virtualization

Thru enables organizations around the world to move into the Digital Age by modernizing customers’ content and data management systems. We help enterprises move to a single cloud repository rather than having multiple non-integrated content silos, tools and dependencies.

1. Discover. Thru engages with the customer as an advisor to holistically understand their business needs, objectives and infrastructure. We gather information on the current technological landscape within the organization to determine how they can migrate to the Thru Cloud and how Thru can integrate with their current business applications and workflows to not only meet existing business needs, but also improve their current business processes.

2. Design. Thru uses the customer’s requirements to propose a successful and easy migration to the cloud that is modern, unique to their individual needs and integrated with their current business applications such as CRM and ERP systems. Thru balances ease of use, customer security and compliance requirements in the design process.

3. Development and Implementation. We also provide extensive consulting services for implementing a modern cloud solution into their applications using Thru’s API platform. Our team of engineers then work with the IT department to ensure a seamless integration process.

4. Deployment. This stage includes the migration of the customer’s content and data service to the Thru Cloud platform. Thru’s customer success team trains various stakeholders at the company, depending on the engagement level, and works with the development team to deploy the solution with the Thru platform.

5. Engagement, Adoption & Analytics. Thru’s customer success team develops an engagement and adoption plan which includes KPIs presented to the customer to measure adoption of the solutions. Thru provides 24/7/365 support via phone, email and chat to ensure customer satisfaction.


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