Connector for SharePoint

Key Functionality

  • Easily Externalize SharePoint Files
  • No Need to Create External Users
  • Protect Corporate Data
  • Track and View All Downloads
  • Instant Notifications
  • Comprehensive Audit
The Thru Enterprise Connector for Microsoft SharePoint extends the document and content management portals and provides a secure platform to exchange files with external partners, customers, and colleagues. Thru lets users exchange files and publish files and folders to public web portals without compromising integrity or security.

Advanced Security and File Tracking for Regulatory Compliance

Securely send, track, and manage any files or folders from SharePoint:

  • Add encryption, passwords, and information rights management protection to files
  • Verify authenticity, monitor file uploads and downloads, plus create time-sensitive expiration controls
  • Maintain an audit trail in real time with intuitive visual dashboards in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Retrieve detailed information about user and file activity with enterprise-level visibility and reporting

Seamless Publishing

Publish information quickly and easily directly from SharePoint information libraries:

  • Publish information directly to external web servers without compromising security
  • Conserve local network and server capacity by offloading large digital data transfers to Thru servers
  • Create branded links for external partners, customers, and colleagues to download files securely
  • Receive automatic email notifications when external users download files or folders
Extend to External Users

Extend SharePoint to External Users

Using Thru’s Content Delivery Network, securely distribute files worldwide with the Thru SharePoint Connector:

  • Send files from SharePoint without creating and managing additional SharePoint implementations
  • Send files to anywhere in the world quickly and easily
  • Guaranteed and certified global delivery

Datasheet: Microsoft SharePoint Connector

Download this datasheet to discover how the Thru SharePoint Connector complements a business’ Microsoft SharePoint extranet and internet portals or websites by allowing more secure and efficient external sharing.

  • Collaborate Externally – Enable easy global file exchange between external partners without compromising integrity and security
  • Control Sent Files – Protect company data for external sending with optional authentication for file access, setting expiration dates for downloads, notifications for downloads, and more
  • Increase Security Posture – Secure data at all times with full virus scanning in transit and at rest, audit for every interaction made with data, and more

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