secure online file storage and sharing
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Secure Web File Sharing and Storage

Securely access your files online through your browser from anywhere.

  • Easily share files and folders with expiration control and optional password protection
  • Send private messages that may only be viewed by the recipient with Thru Private Messages
  • Share multiple large files instantly by publishing to your Thru public pages
  • Quickly send content globally with Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network, mirroring folders for the fastest access to content

Online File Storage & Organization

Reduce on-premises storage costs and make it easy for dispersed enterprise departments to share documents and collaborate from anywhere.

  • Streamline large-scale business projects by categorizing content based on project name within shared folders
  • Prevent unauthorized deletions and changes with granular access rights and permission controls
  • Track download statuses of sent content
  • Set up notifications to know when content has been added, downloaded or edited in a specific folder
online content sharing and organization for multiple departments
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Policy and Permissions-based User Access and Sharing
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Easily Govern User Access and Sharing Permissions

Manage thousands of internal and external users and regulate how data can be shared with Thru’s administration features.

  • Assign designated administrators who manage portal security and permission settings
  • Analyze and process detailed audit logs of all transactions based on user name, IP address, date and time, and more
  • Set up and manage retention rules to control system storage
  • Simplify onboarding/offboarding users by adding them to predefined groups

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